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"Just the facts, ma'am. Just the facts." Despite the fact it was never actually uttered on the show, it became catch-phrase in pop culture.

Famous more recently for its definitively successful television show and movies, Dragnet has its own winning and distinguished roots in radio. The radio show aired on NBC from June 3, 1949, to February 26, 1957. Jack Webb was the creative genius and star of both the radio and television series, and appeared in three of the movies. He had a lifelong fascination for the police profession, and held a powerful commitment to keeping the stories as true to life as possible. Webb played Sergeant Joe Friday, a tough but never brutal detective who was unmarried and lived with his mother.

Lifted directly from Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) public files, each show enacted real-life cases in as much raw grittiness as was accepted during that era. All actual names were changed. The extraordinarily accurate, detailed sound effects provoked listeners' imaginations, allowing them to learn what police work actually sounds like.

There are 373 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Police Academy Mario Koski August 25, 1949
James Vickers Cop Killing Tunnel Chase September 17, 1949
Sixteen Jewel Thieves August 18, 1949
George Quan The Jade Thumb Rings December 8, 1949
Twenty Two Rifle for Christmas December 22, 1949
Eric Kelby Body Buried In Nursery September 3, 1949
The Helen Corday Murder July 7, 1949
Sullivan Kidnapping September 10, 1949
Mrs. Rinard Albert Barry Mother-In-Law Murder November 24, 1949
The Werewolf June 17, 1949
Red Light Bandit July 14, 1949
Attempted City Hall Bombing July 21, 1949
Spring Street Gang Juveniles December 1, 1949
Homicide aka Quick Trigger Gun Men June 24, 1949
The Garbage Chute Murder Laura Barkley December 15, 1949
Missing Persons Juanita Lasky July 28, 1949
Auto Burglaries Myra the Redhead September 1, 1949
Homicide aka Maniac Murderer aka Mad Killer At Large August 11, 1949
Homicide aka The Nickel Plated Gun June 10, 1949
Benny Trounsel Narcotics August 4, 1949
Brick-Bat Slayer September 24, 1949
Truck Hi-jackers Tom Laval October 1, 1949
The Roseland Roof Murders December 29, 1949
The Big Dare August 3, 1950
The Big Gent Part 2 July 27, 1950

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